Shaun Hutson, the godfather of gore, is our VIP judge. We are honoured and would like to thank him for agreeing to join in. We still can't beleive it.


He is a well known British author of over 50 books including Slugs, Spawn, Twins of Evil,  Progeny, The Terminator and many more. He writes in several genres including horror, thrillers, fantasy, sci fi and crime which makes him the perfect choice to be our judge.


He is a busy man having just released two anthologies, 'Incisions - Cut One, and Cut Two. His novel 'Chase' is also being turned into a film soon. There is link to his website below.


If you would like the chance of having Shaun Hutson actually read your story and have it published in the same anthology with some of his, then enter our competitions.


He will be judging both our Flash Fiction and Short Story competitions.


Shaun Hutson