Competitions Cancelled.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel our competitions until further notice. This decision has not been easy

and we know many of you will be disappointed.


We will contact everyone when we are able to continue.



See our Competition Rules page for details on how to enter.


The 'Flash Fiction' contest is up to 1,000 words, and the 'Short Story' is up to 2,500 words. Shaun Hutson is going to pick the lucky finalists from both. Our planned anthology will also feature one or two of his stories that have never been published.


So enter our competitions for a chance to have your story published next to his.


Contest dates:-

Flash Fiction = 1st of August until the 31st of January each year.

Short Story = 1st Janury until the 31st May each year.


The cash pot for prizes will be worth £400, (£250, £100 and £50) for each competition.


Long and short-listed entries from both competitions will be published in our anthology for the world to see.


Spread the word. Link us to your social media and tell everyone about us. We are keen to showcase new talent by promoting their work.


Think scary and unusual, strange and unnerving.


Please get in touch, we want to know your thoughts.


Don't forget to leave us your email.


Just sign into our 'Guestbook' below.

'Fictional Reality' - Out now

Wow, we've been Awarded 

as one of the

'Best Writing Contests

by Reedsy!!!


Thank you to:

Shaun Hutson for agreeing to be our VIP judge - for a second year running.

Christopher Fielden for adding us to his competition listing.

Almond Press for adding us to their competition listing.

Christine Reeves for offering to spread the word.

Reedsy for adding us to their competition listing and for the award.

Hi there, Just wondering how things are going at Pulp Fictional. Sorry you had to cancel the contests. I hope you can find a way back. Best wishes ----- Hi Sally, thank you for your kind message. We are still deciding on the future of Pulp Fictional. We are proud our efforts resulted in one of the best competition anthologies out there, showcasing the talents of new writers from around the world with contributions from our great VIP judge, Shaun Hutson. Keep writing Sally, and we wish you all the best for the future.
From what I read, it looks like you only want the first print rights and the ability to publish in any format, but we are free to publish it in other books and anthologies, etc., AFTER it has been published in the anthology. Is this correct? ---- Hi, Renee. Yes, that is correct. Copyright stays with the author.
I cover strange and unusual in this one, I hope. It's based upon wondering what might be on the far side of a black hole ----- Hi, Jonah. We look forward to reading it. Please see details on how to enter in a Competition Rules.
What do you need to know? If says to sign in. ----- Hi, Matthew. You don't have to sign in to our website at all. You may have to sign in to your Paypal account if you're entering one of our competitions after clicking the Flash Fiction icon.
I'm eager to learn more. ---- Hi, Nicki. Please let us what it is you want to know and we'll get back to you asap. You can email us on
I thought the anthology was fab. I'm going to enter your contests and hope to be in your next book. ---- Carrie, thank you for your comment and we look forward to reading your stories.
Are you currently doing a contest? I couldn't tell if a new one had started. ---- Hi Christina, our Flash Fiction contest opens on the 1st of August.
Thank you so much for the 3rd place honour. Very happy to have made the top three. Congratulations to 1st and 2nd, and also to those who made the long and short lists this time round. Can’t wait for the next challenge. ----- Hi Sally, and congratulations. Thank you for getting back to us, and your kind words. Our Flash Fiction competition opens on 1st August 2023, and, because he enjoyed it so much, Shaun Hutson is going to be our VIP judge for a second time.
Do you know when the final three will be announced in the short story competition? ----- Hi Deidra, thank you for your question. We hope to announce the result in the next week or so. Shaun Hutson has the shortlist at the moment, and we're waiting for him to get back to us. He is a busy man, so it's difficult to set an exact date. We'll let everyone know as soon as we can. However, because our team of readers have performed so well, we're actually ahead of schedule. We were originally aiming for the end of July.
Hi Wondered if you had a date fixed for the results of the Flash Fiction competition? I had a look, but couldn't see anything. Thanks x ---- Hi Sally, we're planning to announce the results of our Flash Fiction competition on the 31st March 2023.
Hello! Can you clarify the submission deadline time and time zone, please? Thank you! ---- Hi Kelly, our Short Story competition runs until 31st May 2023 UK time. Please see our Competition Page for more info.
Hi. For two submissions for the short story, should they be in the same e mail or separately. TIA ----- Hi Mike, thank you for the query. Please send them in the same email as individual files.
Can I confirm your Flash Fiction and Short Story word counts please? I have a rough idea, obviously, but can't find a definitive answer. Thanks! ----- Hi AP, our Flash Fiction is 1000 words or less and our Short Story is 2500 words or less.
Could I clarify the flash fiction closing date please? 31st Jan 2023 is mentioned in two places, and 1st Jan 2023 in two places. I was working towards the former, have just seen the latter! Thank you. ---- Hi Susan, the date is 31st Jan 2023. Our Short Story competition starts on the 1st Jan 2023.
Can flash fiction be sent as a word attachment? ----- Hi John. Yes, we have a free word doc template on our competition page you can download and use if you want to.
Hello, I am really keen to get started on submitting and entry, I just wanted confirmation on genre. A lot of my stories do contain vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures in a realistic fantasy setting. When you say you don't want 'Sexy Vampires and Werewolves' is that specifically for the drawn-out trope that bear that name, or all genres tied to Vamps and Lycans? Kind regards. ------- Hi Dwayne, as long as your stories are more scary than romantic, we'll accept them.
I'm very excited about entering your contest. It will be so much fun. ----- Hi Martie, we look forward to reading your story.
Hello: I just borrowed "Down a Dark Path: Sinister Tales of Supernatural Horror", by Paul J. Jackson, using my Kindle Unlimited subscription [U.S.]. Can this title be used to count toward a purchase? And also, if I show this on the Amazon CONTENT & DEVICES page that this title has been borrowed? Thank you, Don Broyles --------- Hi Don, thank for your question. For a borrowed book to be counted towards a purchase, it has to be read completely for amazon to class it as a sale with no skimming through the pages. This takes time. We would need you to purchase a book outright because the sale is instant and can be attached to your entry. Regards, Pulp Fictional.
Is it possible for me to use my brother's account (with his permission) to pay the entry as our surnames are the same? ---- Hi Sally, yes that will be fine but, having purchased an ebook, can you send the amazon confirmation email with your story attached to that, instead of the paypal one to,
Excited to find a place where all types of scary stories are welcome. Will definitely be entering the Flash Fiction competition - just doing some polishing. ----- Hi Sally, we look forward to reading your story.
I have entered your flash contest but have other stories I'd like to submit. Is there a discount for second entries? ----- Hi Brian, good question. We were already thinking of a reduced fee of £6.00 for additional entries, so yes, go on then.
Pleased to see your competition. I am all for it. Good luck. ----- Thanks, Mike. We look forward to reading your stories.
Hello, please add me to your mailing list. I'd love to enter both competitions. ---- Hi Delphine, glad to know you're entering our competitions. Our Flash competition has already started and the Short Story one will begin in Jan 2023. You will need to get back to us and leave your email address.
Hiya, do I just add my bio at the top of the paypal email I'm forwarding to you? ----- Hi Rachael, yes please.
Count me in. When does the short story contest start? ----- Hi Robert, we are planning to start it as soon as the Flash competition ends. Glad you're entering.
I would like to be on your mailing list for information about Flash Fiction and Short story competitions. I live in Cape Town South Africa. I might like to enter one of your competitions. Thank you Josephine Andersen ------ We have you on our mailing list. Our first competition starts on 1st August 2022.
I am part of a writing group who prefer to write flash fiction and short stories. I regularly send out details of competitions they can enter as well as submissions for online magazines. I will send out details of your competitions in due course. As a writer myself I have had limited success with my own stories. ---- Thank you, Christine. We hope you enter one of our competitions.
Great news about your up coming contest. Count me in. ----- Thank you, Roger.